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If you have lost teeth or having trouble with damaged teeth, you can have various restorative treatment choices to think. You may have listened that dental implants are regarded as appropriate, but question, “Are dental implants ideal for me?” Our dentists have been placing and restoring implants since many years, and can assist you take a right decision that is best for you.

Dentals implants are believed to be best available treatment option for tooth lost. But, this is not to say that dental implants are appropriate for every patient. To take correct decision, you should have initially conversation with dentist. Your current requirement, lifestyle, timeline, and other personal factors must be considered, and opting for the right implant dentist is a vital consideration.

At Figtree Family Dental, we provide many choices for restorative dentistry patients, comprising traditional dentures and dental bridges. Patients can also take benefits of many different kinds of implants suitable for their particular health needs. All of our treatment plans are individually customized designed to fulfil your personal needs and objectives. Our dentists can give you in-depth explanations to assist you understand your treatment options.

Are you ideal candidate for dental implants?

You should have enough oral and general health in order to eligible for dental implants treatment. Gum disease and gum recession can restrict the success of implants, resulting to implant failure. You must have good overall health to experience a surgical procedure. Those patients who are suffering from diabetes or other conditions can influence their ability to heal may not be able to take dental implants treatment. Moreover, senior patients who are not powerful sufficient to experience surgery can take advantages from traditional restorative solutions.

A strong jaw bone is also needed to support dental implants, which is why our dentist will all the time utilize advanced technology to create thorough, 3-D images of your oral structure. If your jaw is shallow or small, you may not be capable to adapt traditional implants. Nevertheless, you can sometimes complement your jaw with simple bone grafting procedures, which our dentist also conducts. Even if the placement process seems to be scary for some patients, it is a relatively simple, painless procedure.

Cost and benefits

Dental implants offer many advantages and can be life-changing for those patients who are struggling with their smile. Implant-supported restorations work very similarly to natural teeth, improving your oral health. Like any surgical procedure, there are risks to assess, but the majority of patients are highly pleased with implant restorations.

Dental implants restorations are expensive than a traditional denture or dental bridge, but many patients think this method is well worth despite of extra cost. Implants offer a permanent solution with continuous health advantages. You does not require to concern regarding continuous adjustments or having to replace your teeth due to shifting jawlines again. Dental implants provide incentive to the jaw, so they prevent the bone deterioration that is responsible for causing continuous problems.

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