You might just like our approach

Our approach to dentistry is a little different.  We’ve turned traditional dental on its head and created a modern dental experience for our patients. Understanding people are looking for more from their dentist, we work from the premise that an integrated model of care is the most ideal way to deliver a comprehensive range of treatments. As a Toowoomba Dental Centres patient, here’s what you can expect with our approach.
  • #1 A step-by-step journey
    The journey to your best oral health may have many steps, but we take them together, one at a time. It all starts with an initial consult where we talk to you, learn about your dental history, and understand your goals.
  • #2 A clear plan
    It’s no good having dental goals if you don’t know how to reach them. Based on our shared understanding of your health and personal circumstances, we’ll devise treatment plan options, empowering you to choose what’s best for you.
  • #3 Deliberate action
    Implementing treatment might seem daunting at first, however as we build a trusted relationship, you’ll gain confidence about taking deliberate action that transforms your health and life.
  • #4 Ongoing care
    As treatment is being implemented, and then beyond, enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of a new smile and appearance. A lifetime commitment, we work together with you to protect and maintain one of you most precious assets.
Every member of our team is committed to our approach to care. If you’re a new patient who has questions, or a returning patient looking to implement treatment, let Toowoomba Dental Centres help reach your goals.

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